The best homes, priced right will always bring more money … 

in any market!

“Home Flippers” are your competition. 

They take an old home in rough shape and rejuvenate it with current material, textures, colors, appliances and fixtures. 

When they are done, it is like new. 

4 Point Seller Checklist

Some agents and sellers just don’t get it.  

This is why our initial meeting is so important.  

Answer these 5 Questions with All Decision Makers.

Tour Your Home Yourself and Make Four Lists.

What are the reasons compelling you to make this move?   

Why are you making the move now?   

Where will you go?   

What are your 4 biggest stumbling blocks?  

What do you expect from me?

All the great features of the home, the neighborhood, the area

Any drawbacks you have faced or you foresee.  

The maintenance issues or upgrades needed to make your home shine.  

Lastly, you will list all your questions and concerns 

so we can address each during our meeting.

Inspect, Repair, Replace and Stage Your Home..

Be Responsive and Reasonable During the Listing Period.

Your competition for Top Dollar is the investor flipping homes. 

These homes are usually perfect to the eye and there are plenty of them.

Get a Pre-List structural inspection and my home stager 

and I will tour your home as well. 

We will go over the evaluations and lay-out 

a plan to complete the preparations. 

Together, we will get your home prepared for sale. 

Sometimes there are adjustments needed to our price, marketing, presentation or the condition of the property.

 It is important that we make corrections as needed within the first 2 weeks.


 In preparation for offer review and counteroffers, we will go over the important parts of the purchase agreement and look at possible issues that often come up before listing your home. 

Do NOT Choose a Listing Agent Just Because …

 Because of their company name.

Companies do not monitor their agents market plans.

Because they seem nice.

They need to be respectful, direct, candid.

Because they promise a higher price.

There is a strategy to picking the right price.

Because they quickly agree to lower their commission.

Only lack of confidence, skill or laziness would cause an agent to agree to work for less upfront. 

Hire the agent with the experience, knowledge, negotiation skills and 

a comprehensive marketing plan 

to “Net Top Dollar”.

The Top 4 traits of a Good Listing Agent

Guidance  –  Knowledge  –  Pricing  –  Communication

    1.    Guidance: 

A good agent can communicate ideas easily, 

knows the right questions and listens intently to the sellers needs and expectations. 


2.     Knowledge: 

There is so much to know.

·        Understanding how market trends affect the listing price.

Keeping up with technology and tools to improve results. 

·        How to prepare and present a home to generate Top Dollar.

·        The use of the purchase agreements to give their client an advantage.

·        Negotiation skills to move the transaction in the seller’s direction.


3.    Pricing: 

 The right listing price is strategically set 

to drive the most traffic to the home and generate the highest offers.


4.       Communication: 

Sellers should be updated weekly 

as to the progress of the listing, showing replies and the closing process. 


Plan Ahead  –  Schedule your consultation right away!

See if you qualify for my “Seller Discount”.

I will address all your expectations and concerns. 

Then we will discuss the listing process, home preparation, the purchase agreement, and negotiating strategies.  

When we are done, we will have a strategy in place to get your home SOLD for top dollar. 

Serious sellers will qualify for the “Seller Discount”