this is how smart buyers determine if this is the right time

and prepare for their move..

Is it time to make a move.? You may have already done the following things, if not, it’s a good way to start. 


  • Play with a mortgage calculator to get an idea of payment and price relationship.

  • Look online at homes for sale to find out what style of home and features they like.

  • Physically explore neighborhoods to discover which areas would fit.

  • Make note about their wants and needs and must haves.

  • Most important … be sure that all decisions makers are up to speed!

If this is the right time, find a great REALTOR® and mortgage lender to guide you through the process. Keep in mind that mortgage loan terms, home prices and offer strategies are situational and sometimes complicated. 

If this is the right time to find your dream home?

Please be aware!  It’s tempting to work with an inexperienced or discount buyer’s agent. First you need to have a strategy meeting to understand the market, the purchase agreements and explore your expectations. You must be prepared to make strong offers for the best homes at any price point. There are several issues to address and important strategies you need to know before becoming a serious buyer. Work with me and I will supply all the advantages of experience and full-time real estate services.



1. Make an appointment to meet with me.

Our initial meeting is so important. Closing on homes for sale can be a complicated process and sometimes very stressful. 


  • I will address all of your expectations and concerns. 
  • Then we will discuss the home search and buying processes, 
  • Your financing and approval letter, 
  • The protections in the purchase agreement, 
  • Learn negotiating strategies. 

When we are done, you will have a strategy in place to get you into your next home “Stress Free”. 


2. Contact Kenton Becker of American Pacific Mortgage.

Kenton helps us with a starting point for your loan qualification and terms. Over the years, he has earned my trust to get the job done efficiently while being empathetic to my clients. The right lender is more than the loan rate. If you are already approved for your loan, I commend you. I still recommend that you let Kenton review and explain that lender’s good faith Estimate. We often find errors or misleading numbers. That said, you are encouraged to talk to other lenders.


3. Bring all your questions and concerns to our meeting.

Another one of the important real estate services is being able to comfort a buyer. Questions and concerns are the biggest factor that stops buyers from winning in any market. I have found that only when the buyer understands the process, their financing and the protections in the purchase agreement can they move forward “Stress Free” and from that point finding your next home is a fun process.


4. Use the NWMLS Search Portal daily

This portal is truly the only app designed for you to have direct access to the NWMLS database. It is also the only way for us to be on the same page during your property search. Several times, the portal has been the difference in finding the right home or not. Zillow, Redfin or Realtor and HomeSnap are great to get additional information about the homes we find with the NWMLS Portal.   Watch a short video on using the  NWMLS Property Search Portal.


5. Be available to view possible properties.

Look at the emails with new properties that you receive from the Portal as they come in. I will check twice a day and notify if I see that the properties are piling up. When you mark the properties you like, I will set appointments to view them ASAP.  As your buyer’s agent, I ask that you follow my system. By doing so, you will be so far ahead of most buyers. You will be able to confidently make quick decisions which could be the difference in mutual acceptance, closing and moving into the right home. 

Still have questions?  Send me an email.

Let’s discuss your expectations and concerns. We can look at, the process, some valuable questions to ask your lender, an overview of the buyer protections built-into the purchase agreement and a few critical negotiation tips. New client meetings are on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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