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Tom has helped me purchase and sell many properties. Thanks to Tom,

I have won in competitive situations and saved thousands during negotiations in others. 

–  Peter  –

There really is a better way!

There are a few simple questions that just might make the decision a bit easier.

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Tom listens to you and shows your the best path to an effective home search and negotiations. 

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Dedicated Buyer Broker  –  Ade Juwono (Ah-Day)

We are so lucky to have Ade working with us during your home search. He will be an integral part of the process, start to closing. Ade listens and sincerely cares that the process goes smoothly. 

Ade has worked with me for many years as a buyer broker and our clients love him.


We all meet for a consultation before your search starts. Ade and I talk about your progress daily. When you find the right home we work together to strategically write your offer and present it the the seller’s broker.