Sometimes Renting is the Best Answer.

Owning a home is not for everyone. 


  • RENT if you don’t have secure income.
  • RENT if your stay in the area is short.
  • RENT if you are unsure where you want to live.

If you have thought about owning a home and getting the advantages of ownership, let’s get together. The biggest mistake people in your situation make is to just think about it.  



  • BUY if you’re tired of rents going up.
  • BUY if you’re tired of being told to move.
  • BUY if you want to invest in yourself, not your landlord.
  • Buy if you just want a place to call home!

Let’s get together to discuss your needs, your situation and the opportunities that may be open to you. Including zero down, low down and grant money for your down payment.


Play around with the RENT vs BUY Calculator offered by my preferred lender, Kenton Becker  –  American Pacific Mortgage. It’s FREE and you don’t have to give up your contact information. Kenton gives weekly classes to introduce buyers to the federal and state buyer incentive programs. 

New Buyer Fears.

Homes Are too expensive where I want to live.

  • Home prices today may seem out of reach for many buyers.  The eastside has a median home price of more than $900,000. For those buyers looking for more affordable prices, homes to the North and South of the eastside are affordable at a median price of $500,000.

I might not find the quality of home I want.

  • This is not new. Buyers may have to move a little out of their area, get something smaller or in need of upgrades, to afford a home.  

I don’t have enough money saved for a down payment.

  • Some low down options are an FHA loan with a 3.5% down payment, conventional with 5%, and several zero down options. Ask my preferred lender Kenton Becker .

Waiting too long could be a costly mistake.

  • You loose about 10% of your buying power for every 1% increase in interest rate. 
  • The cost of homes in our area increases on average about 6% per year. 
  • It all adds up so quickly.

Read the Myth of Affordability and Renting

This is eye opening information.

Contact Tom Perry to discuss your options

Rid yourself of the stress, doubt, and fear of not knowing.

  • During our short buyer consultation, I can learn more about your situation and we will explore all the options available to you. You will learn winning strategies about finding the best loan, property searches and negotiations.
  • Waiting can be a big mistake. Mortgage interest rates will increase, and home prices will continue to rise. After our meeting you will have a plan in place to buy in the future or now, or the security knowing that you are making the right choice as a renter. 
  • New Client meetings are on Monday, Thursday and Saturday  –  Let’s get together and explore your options.
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